Monologue Nr. 3

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Monologue Nr. 3

Erland von Koch (1910-2009)

I aim for a simple, clear, melodic style, often with elements of folk tone and with a definite rhythmic profile. I want the harmonies to be uncomplicated. The older you get, the more clearly you become aware of the importance of melody.

Erland von Koch was one of Sweden´s best loved composers and one of the most versatile with his 6 symphonies, 12 solo concertos, 18 Monologues for various solo instruments, ballets, the children´s opera Pelle Svanslös (Peter Tailless), film music, solo songs, choral music, etc. A feeling for melody, a strong rhythmical profile and influences from Swedish folk music permeate his whole oeuvre. 

As late as 2004 his last orchestral work Rondinato was premiered by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

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