Obras para oboe y trompa (con piano)

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Indonesian composer Ananda Sukarlan wrote pieces for all wind instruments (solo and with piano), inspired by the characters of Ancient Greek from Ovid's book "Metamorphosis".

"Echo's Whisper" is for oboe & piano. The "echo" effect is done by the repetitive chords (on piano) or notes (on oboe), dying away every time. Echo is in love with Narcissus who rejects her love because he is in love with himself. After she cheated Hera, Hera curses her by making her only able to repeat the last words said by the others, and couldn't say anything on her own, even until her death she "remains a voice" and "is heard by all." Narcissus himself is depicted in Sukarlan's piece for flute and piano, "Narcissus Dying". John Ferrillo - oboe (from Boston Symphony Orchestra) and the composer Ananda Sukarlan - piano.

"Niobe weeping, while turning into stone" is for french horn & piano. Niobe's 14 children were killed by Apollo and Artemis. Devastated, she was turned into stone, and, as she wept unceasingly, waters started to pour from her petrified complexion. While Echo symbolizes unrequited love, Niobe symbolizes loneliness. James Sommerville - french horn (from Boston Symphony Orchestra) and the composer Ananda Sukarlan - piano

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