Obras de música contemporánea

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Estilo: Contemporánea


Simbelar para saxofón soprano solo de Alfonso Romero Ramírez


  Bucolique by Eugène Bozza  Period: 20th Century  Written: 1949; Paris, France    Eugène Bozza  Born: April 4, 1905; Nice, France   Died: September 28, 1991; Valenciennes, France   French composer and conductor Eugène...

Monologue Nr. 3

Erland von Koch (1910-2009) I aim for a simple, clear, melodic style, often with elements of folk tone and with a definite rhythmic profile. I want the harmonies to be uncomplicated. The older you get, the more clearly you become aware of the importance of melody. Erland von Koch was one of Sweden´s...
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