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Ananda Sukarlan

Instrumentista y compositor

Pianista de clásica

Obras como compositor

Scherzophrenia, para flauta & viola

From Ananda Sukarlan\'s blog ANANDA SUKARLAN Ménage à Trois a trio for flute, viola & piano (2016) 1. Scherzophrenia (for flute & viola only) 2. A Farm Picture (based on the short poem of Walt Whitman) 3. Spaghetti Western Revisited commissioned by the International Chamber Music Competition Ecoparque de Trasmiera, Arnuero and performed at the opening of the XIV Edition, March 18th, 2016 Performed by the dedicatees : Jaime Salas - flute, Jose Manuel Saiz - viola This 8-minute suite is a commission from the Concurso de Musica de Camara Ecoparque...

Rapsodia Nusantara no. 10

Rapsodia Nusantara no. 10, based on a folksong from Bali, Indonesia. The melody is used as the bass of the passacaglia in the second half of this piece.

Fantasy and Fugue on the theme B.A.C.H

El pianista y compositor Ananda Sukarlan estrenó en España su Fantasía y fuga sobre BACH. Tras un potente inicio, sutiles disonancias y amplios acordes envuelven el motivo BACH en un clima de meditación donde cobra protagonismo la resonancia de los armónicos del instrumento. La “Fuga”, toda ella derivada del motivo BACH, se desarrolla con inquietud y concluye de manera vigorosa.

Opera CLARA, act. 2

Opera ‘CLARA’ by Ananda Sukarlan, inspired from the story of the same title by Seno Gumira Ajidarma, based on the events of May 1998 in Indonesia. ‘CLARA’, written during the economic, political and social crisis of May 1998, and published in the wake of Suharto’s resignation, is one of the few pieces of Indonesian literature that addresses the sexual violence of 1998. ‘CLARA’ is a multi-layered narrative that recounts the perspective of an ethnic Chinese woman who was raped during the largely anti-Chinese riots and mass rapes that occurred in Jakarta over the 13th and 14th...

Fantasia para piano y orquesta

WORLD PREMIERE Performed by Edith Widayani (winner of ASA 2010) & ASA Symphony Orchestra (cond. by Angela Astri Soemantri) GALA CLOSING CONCERT International Piano Competition Ananda Sukarlan Award 2014 Saturday, June 28th 2014

Rapsodia Nusantara no. 10

Traducción: Cogido del blog de Ananda Sukarlan "Empecé mi décima rapsodia en el 2011 realizando su estructura formal: una introducción virtuosística, algunas variaciones y un final de pasacalles. Este es tal vez la Rapsodia más ruidosa hasta ahora (el último acorde de la primera sección muestra la bomba, por lo que nunca se puede tocar demasiado fuerte!), Y tiene un elemento único: es la única pieza en mi vida que no modula y sólo emplea 5 notas. Esas 5 notas son de la modalidad pentatónica balinesa, ya que el material de esta pieza...

Love at the times of Srivijaya

Performed by ASA Symphony Orchestra (cond. by Angela Astri Soemantri) GALA CLOSING CONCERT International Piano Competition Ananda Sukarlan Award 2014 Saturday, June 28th 2014 @ Soehana Hall, The Energy Building, Jakarta

Vivaldi's Winter of Discontent

The piece is based on Vivaldi's "Winter" from The Four Seasons, mixed with Michale Jackson-ish rhythms , to evoke the winter of this era of global warming and climate change. This video is taken at the World Premiere, performed during the Jakarta New Year Concert 2011 by Fariz Elka Prawira, Edith Widayani, Michelle Kartika Bahari & Vinsenso Julius Pratama.

Sweet Sorrow, pieza facil para violin y piano

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good night till it be morrow (W. Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet)  Sweet, so would I,  Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.  Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,  That I shall say good night till it be morrow.    (from Romeo & Juliet, W. Shakespeare)  PIANO: Ananda Sukarlan VIOLIN: Inez Raharjo (born on 9 May 1994)

Krawang - Bekasi, from cantata "Libertas"

"Krawang - Bekasi" This is the last movement of Ananda Sukarlan's cantata no. 2 "LIBERTAS", all based on poems about freedom and liberty. This particular poem is perhaps the most famous Indonesian poem, written by Chairil Anwar, one of Indonesia' greatest poet.    KRAWANG - BEKASI Chairil Anwar  Kami yang kini terbaring antara Krawang-Bekasi Tidak bisa teriak MERDEKA dan angkat senjata lagi. Tapi siapakah yang tidak lagi mendengar deru kami, Terbayang kami maju dan mendegap hati? Kami bicara padamu dalam hening di malam sepi Jika dada rasa hampa dan jam dinding...

Relationships, para solo violin

In this new violin piece I want to experiment in "relationships" of different musical materials which have nothing to do with each other to be put in one piece. In order to do that, they must have something, even very small, in common, otherwise the piece won't have a solid form, therefore I should think of a motif that binds them all. Now, "relationship" in Indonesian is "relasi", which comes from the Dutch word "relatie". As I am in the mood of using people's name initials as motifs for my piece now the motif for "Manuel's piece" comes by itself. What else but Re-La-Si? 

Rapsodia Nusantara no. 4

Ananda Sukarlan's Rapsodia Nusantara no.4 performed by Edith Widayani, winner of Ananda Sukarlan Award 2010 at her recital of the CumLaude Concert Series organized by Indonesian Classical Music Foundation (Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia). Ananda Sukarlan has written a series of virtuosic rhapsodies taking their materials from Indonesian folk / traditional tunes . or follow its founder at

Sexteto : Mozart Meandering through Java before Bumping into Beethoven in Boston

"Mozart Meandering through Java before Bumping into Beethoven in Boston" Composed by Ananda Sukarlan. Commissioned by David Svoboda. Dedicated to Richard Svoboda, John Ferrillo, James Sommerville from Boston Symphony Orchestra; Katie Zagorski; and Erin Svoboda. "Principal Winds of the Boston Symphony Orchestra & Guests with Ananda Sukarlan"

Obras para oboe y trompa (con piano)

Indonesian composer Ananda Sukarlan wrote pieces for all wind instruments (solo and with piano), inspired by the characters of Ancient Greek from Ovid's book "Metamorphosis". "Echo's Whisper" is for oboe & piano. The "echo" effect is done by the repetitive chords (on piano) or notes (on oboe), dying away every time. Echo is in love with Narcissus who rejects her love because he is in love with himself. After she cheated Hera, Hera curses her by making her only able to repeat the last words said by the others, and couldn't say anything on her own, even until her death she "remains a...
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